Asking Good Questions- The Wednesday Surprise

posted Dec 3, 2020, 4:13 PM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated Dec 3, 2020, 4:14 PM ]
We have been working on asking good questions about stories we have read. This week we read The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting

Our big thinking question for the story was: What traits do you admire about the main characters Anna and her Grandmother? Why?

We used a Q-chart to help generate questions. 

Some of our questions were:
Who are the main characters?
What is the surprise?
Who is the surprise for?
How old is Anna?
What is in the large lumpy bag they are carrying?
Why are Anna and her Grandmother so nervous at her Dad's birthday party?
Why is her Dad away so much? What is his job?
Why did Anna's Grandmother never learn to read as a child? Why didn't she learn to read when she got older?

After we read the story, we discussed each question: Was the answer in the text? Did the question really matter?

The questions that generated the most discussion were the questions that were not answered directly in the text but still mattered to the story. For example:
Why did Anna's Grandmother never learn to read as a child?
-students inferred she might have grown up in a rural area and was not near (or did not have transportation) to a school
-they thought that she might not have learned to read because she was needed to help out at home (or work a farm)