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  • Minecraft Perimeter Problem
    Today students were given the math task below. The big idea was solving perimeter when you are not given the specific lengths of every side (but have enough information to determine the length of the missing measurements using math).

    Students were very engaged in completing this task. Lots of great mathematical thinking:
    • Labeling sides with the measurement once they had determined what it was.
    • Showing calculating the perimeter using addition sentences and multiplication sentence (for the perimeter where the sides were all the same length).
    • Showing how they calculated the length of a side which measurement was missing.
    • Using arrows to help explain their mathematical thinking.

    Posted Feb 7, 2018, 11:13 AM by Patrick Johnson
  • Tower Building STEAM Task
    Today students learned about strong and stable structures and built a tower (made of pasta) that supported a marshmallow on top.

    First students were shown this video and we discussed how to make a structure strong and stable.

    Then students were introduced to the STEAM activity. We also discussed the learning skills that applied to this task (students completed a self evaluation of their learning skills after the task).

    Finally students built their towers. Afterwards, they recoded a video (using Flipgrid) on how they made their towers strong and stable as well as what they might do differently if they were to construct another tower.

    Posted Jan 23, 2018, 4:36 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Lego Builder STEAM Challenge
    Today students made structures using virtual Lego. They used a web app called: Lego Builder. Students were introduced to the task using Google Classroom. Students had access to a video tutorial on how to use Lego Builder. When they finished their design, they submitted their work by taking a screen shot of it and uploading it to Google Classroom.

    Student work:
    Posted Jan 10, 2018, 11:49 AM by Patrick Johnson
  • I Wanna Iguana and Can I have a Stegosaurus Please
    This week we read 2 stories where the main character was trying to persuade their parents to allow them to have a pet. 
    In I Wanna Iguana, the boy was trying to persuade his mother to allow him to have a pet Iguana. The boy and his mother took turns giving reasons as to why (or why he should not) be allowed to have an iguana. The story ended with them making a compromise. 

    After the story, students decided whether they thought the boy should be allowed an iguana and discussed their opinions.

    Big thinking questions for each story:

    In a similar story, a boy was trying to persuade his mother that he should be allowed to have a stegosaurus. He gave many reasons to support his position.

    Afterwards, students made a +/- list as to the advantages and disadvantages to having a pet stegosaurus. Students then discussed and decided whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement: A stegosaurus makes a good pet.

    Examples of reasons given why a stegosaurus makes a good pet
    • they could eat your left over food
    • it could protect you
    • you could use it as a bus 
    • could see things up high
    • everyone will want to be your friend
    Examples of reasons given why a stegosaurus does not make a good pet
    • to big to fit in the house
    • you could get accidentally stepped on
    • you would have to clean up after it
    • it might scare people
    • it could break stuff
    • they stink
    • it takes up a lot of space

    Posted Jan 9, 2018, 11:13 AM by Patrick Johnson
  • Breakout!
    Today students participated in their first Breakout activity.

    Their goal was to find what was inside a box. The box had 4 combination locks on the outside and 2 locks on the inside.

    First students were told they had to figure out the first 4 locks before reading the clues to the final 2 locks. We also talked about social goals (taking initiative, kind words, appreciating ideas, self regulation).

    In Google Classroom I posted the  link to a website I created using the program Twine. This interactive website contained all of the lock clues. To find the combination for a particular lock, students had to solve puzzles. The puzzles consisted of number patterns, visual patterns as well as a literacy puzzle.

    When all of the outer locks were successfully opened, we opened the box. Inside the box was another box with a lock that required a key. Inside the box there was also a Sphero. 

    Students needed to solve puzzles in order to find a 3 digit lock combination. If they successfully entered the 3 digits using Sphero (Sphero was programmed as a combination lock), Sphero would tell them where the last key was hidden.

    After entering a correct 3 digit combination, Sphero told our class the "key is hidden in the library 510." Students quickly figured out that they key was located in the school library on shelf 510.

    Students worked together to try and solve the lock puzzles. Students demonstrated collaboration and grit

    Students gathered outside the library while 3 class representatives searched for the key to the last lock.

    Students used the key to unlock the final lock. This was a fun way to solve problems!

    Posted Dec 20, 2017, 4:21 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Click Clack Moo

    Posted Dec 18, 2017, 5:32 AM by Patrick Johnson
  • Rock Hyraxes- Writing $2 Summaries

    Students have been learning to find keywords in articles and to write summaries using those keywords.

    First students picked out the keywords from the article on rock hyraxes. The different parts of the article were covered up on the projector. I slowly uncovered the article. First the title, then the sub headings and photo captions and finally the paragraphs. Each time students picked out 1 or 2 keywords. Keywords are words that are repeated, that capture an important idea or are easy to visualize. 

    Time lapse video of the article being uncovered:

    Below is the article completely uncovered:

    Below is a list of keywords that a student made from the article:

    Next we started a $2 summary together. A $2 summary is a way of summarizing an article in a couple of sentences. The goal is to use as many keywords as you can but keep the summary to around 20 words. Each word you use in your sentence costs 10 cents however the topic words, rock hyraxes, were considered free to use.

    Together we wrote the first part of the summary which totaled $1.00. 

    Afterwards, students wrote their own $2 summaries. For example:
    -Rock hyraxes are small animals that hide in caves from their enemies. They eat plants and berries.
    -Rock hyraxes are small mammals that use caves for shelter from enemies.
    -Rock hyraxes are small African mammals.
    -Rock hyraxes use boulders and rocks to hide from enemies. They spend most of their time in the sun.
    -Rock hraxes live in Asia and Africa. They hide in caves. Their enemies are big cats and pythons.
    Posted Dec 13, 2017, 11:59 AM by Patrick Johnson
  • The King's Chessboard
    We showed and discussed this story today as it related to growing patterns (exponential growth). Students were surprised by how large the numbers were by the end of the story!
    Posted Dec 8, 2017, 11:43 AM by Patrick Johnson
  • Dash Coding- Pts Game- Mental Math
    Today students completed another coding activity with Dash. Numbers were written on cards and scattered on the carpet. The goal was to code Dash to travel over as many cards as possible without leaving the carpet. Each time Dash crossed a number card, the team was awarded the points indicated on the card. When the code was completed (or if Dash left the carpet) students used mental math to tally their points. 

    Teams used mental math strategies such as: making friendly numbers, using doubles and grouping place values. Students have practised these strategies during our daily Number TalksTeams were allowed to revise their code and make additional attempts.

    Below is the activity and challenges for this task. Students were also limited to a time of 1 minute or less to run the code.

    Students used a variety of coding strategies to score points. Some students coded Dash to go strait over several cards where as others coded Dash to go back and forth over 1 or 2 cards (this was particular effective when combined with the double your points card). Our top score was over 25000!

    Posted Dec 7, 2017, 12:11 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Reading Buddies

    Yesterday was our first day meeting and reading with our reading buddies! Our reading buddies is Mrs. Gidge's  Kindergarten class. I was so proud of the leadership students displayed with the kindergartens. Students read books with the kindergartens and also modeled reading skills such as sounding out words, looking for clues in the picture as well as previewing a book. They also modeled social skills such as meeting and greeting their partner, and sitting knee to knee, elbow to elbow when reading with their partner. 

    Posted Dec 6, 2017, 11:53 AM by Patrick Johnson
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