What Might This Unlabelled Graph Be About

posted Nov 17, 2015, 5:49 PM by Patrick Johnson
Students have been learning to construct and interpret bar graphs. Yesterday, students were given a bar graph that had no labels or scale. Their task was to determine what the graph might be about and explain what each bar could represent. Students came up with a wide variety of answers. Students shared their graphs and explained how the values of the bars made sense.

Here are a few samples:
*Note- I thought it was interesting that none of my students (in the entire class) used a scale of 1. Scales ranged from going up by 2s all the way to going up by 100s.

Student explained that Minecraft would be the most popular game since all of their friends were playing it. 

Student explained that since we live in Canada, hockey would be the most popular.

Student explained that fish were the most popular since they were the least work and responsibility unlike a dog. I thought it was interesting this student used a scale of 4.

Student explained how vanilla was the most popular ice cream since they heard that fact on the news.