Visualizing Willy Wonka Part 2

posted Dec 3, 2015, 5:52 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students completed the second part of their visualization lesson. Students drew their own characters. They were asked to try and add lots of details to their character (hair and eye colour, clothing, accessories etc.). Afterwards, students wrote descriptions for their characters. Their goal was to write descriptions that would help a reader visualize their character.

I took all of their descriptions and typed them up onto one page. All of the drawings were posted around the classroom. Students then tried to match the description with the drawing. Students were also asked to place a star beside 1 or 2 descriptions which made it easy to match the description to the drawing.

Afterwards, we posted all of the drawings at the front of the class and discussed which description matched which drawings. Students then gave their thoughts as to which descriptions made it easy to match its corresponding character drawing. We concluded that those descriptions contained very specific picture words that matched details in the drawings.

A student trying to find a description to match the drawing of the character.
To consolidate their learning, we posted all of the drawings at the front of the class and discussed which descriptions matched which drawings.

A few sample descriptions students felt contained good specific picture words:
-He is a zombie. He has a Jersey and blue pants.  He is holding a football.
-She loves making friends. She is a girl mouse. She has big, nice eyes. Also she has big ears and has a bow and a dress on. 
-This character is from a show on TV and he has dots on him and holes. He is square. His eyes are white and he is a sponge.