The Power to Visualize

posted Nov 4, 2015, 4:30 PM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated Oct 23, 2017, 11:01 AM ]

Today I introduced the second reading power to help with comprehension: The Power to Visualize  (the first was the Power to Connect). Students practiced visualizing different objects in their head such as rainbows, dogs and ice cream cones. We called these picture words since they were a lot easier to picture then say a word like at.

Afterwards I read them the following story:

I want you to visualize a lollipop. This lollipop is on a white stick and it has a

wrapper on it. Visualize yourself holding this lollipop. I want you to notice the

color and shape and size of this lollipop. Some lollipops are big, and some are

small, some are round and some are flat —what does yours look like? Now I want

you to visualize yourself taking off the wrapper. Listen to the sound as you take

the wrapper off. Put the wrapper in the garbage. Now I would like you to visualize

yourself taking a lick of the lollipop. What flavor is your lollipop? Take another

lick. Now put the lollipop, if it’s not too big, in your mouth. Suck on it for a while.

Listen to the sound it makes when it hits your teeth. Now take a bite. Listen to the

sound the bite makes. Now crunch your lollipop and really get the flavor in your

mouth. Some of the candy sticks in your teeth. Now visualize yourself as you take

the lollipop out of your mouth. Look at what is left on your stick. Open your eyes.

Students then discussed the following questions about their lollipop with a partner:

1. What colour was your lollipop?

2. What size?

3. What shape?

4. What flavour?

5. After you took a bite, what did

   your lollipop look like?

We concluded the lesson by discussing that people's lollipops are all different because they have different experiences.