The Minecraft Rube Goldberg Machine

posted Mar 9, 2016, 5:26 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today, students were challenged to make moving machines in MinecraftEDU. This was the second MinecraftEDU STEAM activity for students. During the first MinecraftEDU STEAM activity students made sculptures.

First, students were shown a Minecraft Rube Goldberg Machine as inspiration:

Next, students were given their STEAM challenge:

Then students were partnered up. Students who had some experience working with redstone and moving parts in Minecraft were partnered with less experienced Minecraft players. Students spent about 30 minutes discovering and exploring all the different devices they could power and make move. Afterwards they started to plan and build their machines. The results were amazing!

This machine is mounted on a tower. The students' machine pushed a block off the tower, down through the air and eventually caused an explosion at the bottom:

This machine had several chain reactions which resulted in a cart of TNT being sent into fire:

This machine used power rails with the last chain reaction using a piston pushing a cart of TNT into fire. When the TNT was pushed into the fire the explosion crashed the game!

Students spent a lot of time experimenting and testing their machines. Lots of terrific teamwork!