Gathering Research about Koalas using Key Words and Minds Maps

posted May 30, 2016, 4:03 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students researched information about koalas and then displayed their information on a mind map.

First students were introduced to the mind mapping strategy. Mind maps are a visual method to display, categorize and connect key ideas and information. Together we looked through a variety of mind map samples and discussed the characteristics of a mind map.

Sample mind map:

A mind map explaining how to create a mind map!

Next we read an article about koalas from a magazine. Students picked out key ideas from each paragraph and represented each idea with one or two key words.

Our key word list (ask your child what idea is represented by the key words below):

Then we started creating a mind map together. We discussed what categories we would use in our mind map (appearance, life cycle, habitat, diet, behaviour) and debated what ideas would fit under each category.

Finally students made their own mind maps about koalas. Students engaged in terrific discussions debating where different ideas belonged on the mind map.

Sample mind maps being completed by students:

I love how this student corrected represented their ideas using images. Their next step is to add colour to the mind map: