Brainstorming Persuasive Writing Ideas

posted Apr 4, 2016, 11:34 AM by Patrick Johnson
Today students were brainstorming ways to improve Maple Grove P.S. 

Inspiration: Students were told the story of Jordyn Leopold, whose Dad is an NHL hockey player. Jordyn wrote a persuasive letter to the Minnesota Wild's coaching staff asking them to trade for her Dad. In class we discussed Jordyn's letter and how writing letters with powerful arguments can bring about change.

Brainstorming: Afterwards, students brainstormed ways they could improve the school. Students used a place mat strategy. Each student brainstormed their own list of ideas. All ideas were accepted. Next, we discussed ways to narrow down their list to 2 or 3 (for example reasonable cost, linked to learning activities at school). Then students shared their top two ideas with their table group. Finally, each table group wrote 2 or 3 ideas in the center of their place mat.

Brainstorming place mats:

Examples of ideas:
  • getting a class pet
  • more robots such as Dash and Dot
  • more iPads
  • tents for outdoor use
  • more swimming
  • primary soccer teams
  • primary hockey teams
  • more gym time
  • more Smartboards
  • larger desks
  • trampolines
  • more laptops
  • larger selection of iPad apps such as MInecraft
  • more comfortable chairs for students
  • more fields trips
  • hoverboards
  • punching bag for sensory/rezoning/ exercise