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  • Earth Rangers

    Today students had a lively presentation from the Earth Rangers! The Earth Rangers gave a presentation about a variety of wildlife and what is being done to help animals at risk. To the delight of the students, they brought several animals with them today! For more information on the Earth Ranger program, please check out their website.

    Posted Oct 19, 2016, 5:46 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Surveys and Tally Charts
    Students have been learning how to write survey questions and collect data from their classmates. Surveying each other also gives students an opportunity to work on some social goals in class.

    Posted Oct 19, 2016, 5:41 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Colour Wheels- Art Slideshow!

    Posted Oct 19, 2016, 5:32 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • STEAM Task-Dash the Bulldozer!
    Students have coded Dash the Robot in two previous activities so far this year. Today they applied their coding knowledge to program Dash to complete a specific task. The task was to code Dash to remove as many balls as possible from a hundred's mat.

    This activity linked to the curriculum and learning skills in many ways:
    • Students worked together to complete the task, often troubleshooting together when their code didn't work as expected (LS- Collaboration)
    • Programming movement on a grid (Geometry)
    • Angles (Geometry)
    • Students were told that for every 20cm they programmed Dash to travel, it would move one square on the grid (Measurement)
    • Friction-The carpet slowed the distance Dash travelled so in fact each square measured less than 20 cm(Science-Forces)
    First students were shown the task below:.

    We also discussed the following social goals when working with a partner:
    • Taking turns
    • Listening and appreciating each other's ideas
    • Problem solving the task together

    Next students were shown the layout of the balls on the mat. They were also told the point system for the balls.
    50 points for the red ball
    30 points for each ping pong ball
    20 points for each gold ball

    Then students were given grid paper that showed the layout of the balls on the mat. They were told that if they programmed Dash to move 20cm, that was the equivalent of moving one square on the grid. Students planned a route for Dash on the grid paper before coding their route on the iPad app.

    Finally, when students were satisfied with their code, they attempted the task. Students tallied their scores using mental math. Students were also allowed to make multiple attempts. This gave students the opportunity to analyze Dash's performance and make modifications to the code before the next attempt. It is interesting to note that almost every group was able to improve Dash's performance in subsequent attempts. 
    Posted Oct 17, 2016, 6:15 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Mixing Colours to Make Colour Wheels

    Posted Oct 17, 2016, 5:38 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Olympic Granny

    Posted Oct 17, 2016, 5:36 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Grade 3s Met Their Reading Buddies!
    Today students met their reading buddies. Normally primary students would have older reading buddies however our class' reading buddies are Kindergarten students. Grade 3s met their buddies today and read books books to their buddies. They showed their buddies how to EEKK (sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee) when sharing a book. I am so proud of every student in our class for their immense leadership and responsibility they demonstrated with the younger students. What a great first day of reading buddies!!!

    Posted Oct 12, 2016, 5:07 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Learning Music, Math and Coding using Dash the Robot
    Our latest STEAM project had students coding Dash to play the xylophone. Dash is a programmable robot.

    First students were shown this video for inspiration. It is a xylophone version of Flight of the Bumble Bee.

    Next students were introduced to Dash the robot and its xylophone attachment. Students were also shown the  Xylo iPad App where they could program Dash to play the xylophone as well as perform movements.

    Then students were given the STEAM task:

    Students were grouped into partners and they started their coding in the Xylo iPad App. Students were instructed that they must have the same amount of notes in each bar and their song could be no longer than 7 bars.

    When students were satisfied with their code, they transposed their musical score to paper. At the bottom of their scor,e it challenged them to figure out the total number of notes they used in their song.

    Finally students connected to Dash with their iPads to test their code.

    After everyone had tested their code, we consolidated the lesson by examining the variety of strategies students used to calculate the number of notes in their songs. We created a bar graph out of the strategies.

    The strategies were:
    • counting by 1's
    • repeated addition
    • counting by 2's
    • multiplication

    Posted Oct 10, 2016, 5:12 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Procedures and Super Star Destoyers
    Today students were learning about procedures and writing instructions.

    First I showed them this awesome time lapsed video of a Super Star Destroyer being built out of Lego.

    Next we looked at the instructions for building the Super Star Destroyer (which was well over 200 pages). We broke down the instructions into the following format:
    WHAT: What was being taught (for example, that particular section of the Star Destroyer)
    WHAT: What materials were needed (the lego pieces)
    HOW: The steps that were needed to make that section using the materials listed

    Then students were grouped in pairs and discussed the WHAT WHAT HOW format as it applied to brushing your teeth. We discussed the importance of not missing a step or having steps that were out of order.

    Together we wrote a procedure for brushing your teeth using the WHAT WHAT HOW format. The green sentences are the steps and the blue sentences are tips to help make the steps clearer.

    Posted Oct 4, 2016, 2:04 PM by Patrick Johnson
  • Comparing Numbers
    Today, students used iPads and their knowledge of place value to compare numbers.

    Posted Oct 3, 2016, 5:34 PM by Patrick Johnson
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